Lease Deliverables

Utilize our knowledge of the development process to help you identify timelines and deliverables for your site or space.


Due Diligence Research

We will help you identify the scope of work for your project before you fully invest in a site. We guarantee this step will help you eliminate unintended costs further down the line.


Cost Estimates

Once we know a bit about the scope from our due diligence, we can help you identify soft and hard costs for your project through the local jurisdiction and estimated construction costs.


Site Plan Development

Our designers will lay out a site plan that utilizes the ideal flow for your development.


Urban Planning

Have a lot of land you want to develop? We will work with you on creating a cohesive environment within the local community.


Entitlements Processing

We will work with the local jurisdiction on getting your project entitled, whether it be Conditional Use Permit or a General Plan Amendment.


ABC Processing

We have experience working with local jurisdictions and ABC on obtaining beer/wine/liquor licenses for on and off sale.



Conceptual Design

We prepare site plans, building elevations, and color renderings based off of local municipal code and manage it throughout the Entitlements process.


Interior Design

We provide 2D elevations and 3D renderings to help visualize material and structural changes. We will also select color palettes and materials that will work best in the proposed space.


Construction Drawings

Full set of drawings for all types of project, anything from Ground-Up Construction to Tenant Improvement Plans.

Already have a design team but need help meeting your deadlines or getting past hurdles at your local jurisdiction?

Reach out to us for Design Management or Permitting and Processing.


At PDB, we understand the complexities that come with building a unique space and managing projects on a daily basis. We also know all the obstacles that come in your way. From pre-construction bids, scheduling, site inspection, and more, this is where our single point of contact is highly advantageous. We promise to coordinate with the team, commit to the plan, communicate clearly, and deliver at all costs.


Scope of Work:

  • Pre-construction and contractor bid selection
  • Scheduling and timeline tracking
  • Quality assurance and quantity control
  • RFI coordination between architect and contractor
  • Site visits and inspection management


  • Ground-Up Construction
  • Fuel Stations
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Retail Program Development
  • Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution
  • OSHPD / Hospitals