Hoag Hospital

PDB is partnering with Airtronix Inc. to help them with their air handler refurbishments and HVAC upgrades throughout Hoag Hospital’s facilities.

The Air Handler Refurbishment process is important for maintaining optimal equipment performance and life-cycle, and the benefits are well worth the time and energy. Each project is treated independently, but the overall goal is the same – extending the performance life for 20-30 years and maximized energy savings with a higher return on investment.

Completing AHU Refurishment in Hospitals allow you to bypass the design, permitting process, and OSHPD inspections since equipment is replaced like-for-like, but it is valuable to do for all large-scaled Air Handlers. The process eliminates transfer of heavy materials and unnecessary waste.


  • Improve airflow through new coil installation
  • Higher motor efficiency
  • Install VFD’s on supply and return fan
  • Replacing failed dampers with new and electric actuators
  • Control logic installed reset schedule
  • New painted and epoxied panels